Hui Seafood


Alright, firstly, when you see the word “Seafood”, it doesn’t mean lobster, crabs, GeoDuck, etc. It’s just to indicate, this particular eatery is a “chu char” restaurant. Meaning, you can order dishes that they will cook on demand basis.

So back to Hui Seafood, this place is not new. It’s been here for ages but the thing is, the chef knows his food. People, if you don’t know your food, please don’t start cooking because someone will suffer.

Now, I ordered the curry fish head, and let me warn you guys, the portion here is pretty big. So if you go eating here and there is only 2 of you, don’t pandai pandai order 3 or 4 dishes.

The curry fish head is superb. It tasted like someone who loves to cook, dishing out their signature dish. It’s a bit spicy, lemak-ness from using the coconut milk but my goodness…pour it over your rice and you can wallop the whole plate. I know I did. They used a local fish called “Ang Chor” which is Jenahak if Malay. If I’m wrong, just pandai pandai correct me.

What else is good here? You might want to try the Fried Curry Chicken, Stir Fry Kai Lan, Steam Egg, or the voluptuous Pork Leg dish. They are all good, trust me.

Location: Next to TNB, Kulim
Operating hours: Dinner time
Price: RM20+ per pax