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Who Are We?

We are a local startup company providing E-booking for home lawn & grass cutting service by engaging local workers for the job.

Smart Booking and payment

Book and pay online using the latest E-Wallet or E-Payment system. This enables us to keep track, pay our pool of workers in a timely manner and keep track of any dispute with maximum transparency.


Job opportunity

Think of us as the Uber or Grab, but instead of fetching people around, we extend grass cutting or lawn mowing service all over. 
Jobs are open to pre-filtered and approved pool of work force. This means we provide the opportunity for the public to earn income in return for an honest hard day’s work.

Safety & Security

Each “Lawnzer” with us have been screened, and details documented. This way, customers know who is coming to do the job, versus conventional method of hiring unknown individuals.


Eco-Friendly & Smart Tools

We invest and use the finest and best battery powered grass cutting machine. This means, less air & noise pollution during work. Smart machines also makes the job more convenient and reduces working time.