About Us

Giving back to society in a meaningful way. This have always been on our minds. From there, the idea grew by turning a monthly chore for most landed houses, into an opportunity that contributes back to society.

The service of mowing, clearing up house lawn have always been around for as long as we can remember. However, in doing so, most of the service providers are doing it from their own perspective. We are here to take it to a whole new level, by opening up jobs for anyone capable enough to do it. Most would see this as a hard labour work, however, doing it with the proper tools and strategy, makes the job easier, faster and produces better result. We invested in the proper gear, so jobs are done right, quickly and satisfying.

We are based in Kulim, Kedah, and this is where we provide our service as a start. To house owners that are too busy and have little time to tender to their garden. Our solution yields satisfying result as well as building a community that shares and cares.