Yoga Towel, Microfiber




Item type: Yoga Towel (Single colour)
Material: Microfiber with pure silicone dots
Size: 185cm x 65cm
Weight: ~800gm
Thickness: N/A
  • Place on top of existing yoga mats or on carpeted floor.
  • Able to provide better grip when palms are sweaty.
  • Do not use towel as a standalone/replacement for your yoga mat.
  • Silicone dots are facing downwards onto the mat.
  • Usage is on the non silicone dots side.
Additional Info:
  • Towel stitching and edge are done neatly and professionally.
  • Super absorbent, sweaty palms gets more grip when towel is wet.
  • Towel is made from high quality microfiber
  • Recommended to wet towel before using, if you have dry hands.
  • Recommended to slightly wet towel if too dry for better result.
Remarks: N/A


Weight 0.8 kg

Dark Red, Purple, Emerald Green, Grey, Blue, Dark Green, Pink, Grape Purple

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